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In the Cocoa's Route

The origin

For the creation of our chocolates, we count on cocoa beans from the best plantations in the world, from Peru to St. Thomas and Prince and beyond.

The Discovery of Cocoa

More than a Chocolate

It is no coincidence that the best chocolate is said to come from Ecuador. The proof is in the cocoa that comes from São Tomé and Príncipe, a country close to the equator.

It was in São Tomé and Príncipe that we fell in love with nature, the flavors and customs of a community.

Together with local producers, we find the purest cocoa and create
cocoa and create a dynamic of constant improvement in our processes.

Each chocolate bar is the result of the passion and dedication that these farmers put into cocoa production on a daily basis.

It is the manifestation of the community’s soul, inspired by a sustainable and ancestral culture.

We respect who produces and we respect nature

The cocoa that comes to us selected by small producers and goes through a process of harvesting, selection, fermentation, and drying in a very careful and rigorous manner.

When it arrives at our facilities it is a diamond in the rough, full of flavor, and we want to preserve it.

Our team values care and thoroughness in all processes of roasting, grinding and conching at low temperature, so that the final product represents the authentic cocoa flavor.