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We care for Nature

We want to change the world, one cocoa bean at a time.

Every decision, attitude or step we take will make the difference in the future of our planet. And if we want this to continue to be the home of future generations, we know that what we decided to do today will have a
great impact on the future of thousands of living beings.

The change we want to see in the world starts with each one of us. So, in addition to being proud of having fair, nutritious and delicious chocolate, we are proud to be able to say that it is totally sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The packaging of our chocolate is FSC certified. This means that we can guarantee that the raw material for our packaging comes from a responsibly managed forest.

Furthermore, we can say that each chocolate package is 100% COMPOSTABLE. So not only is the outer cardboard made of recyclable paper, but also the sheet inside is made of Natureflex, a specially sourced flexible cellulose film that is made from eucalyptus wood pulp!

From our amazing chocolate to its packaging, all ingredients are all-natural and planet-friendly.
We believe that everything we give, we get back. So we believe that if we give our best, we can create a more positive, fair and sustainable world.

We inspire change for a better world.