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Our cocoa

Happiness in bar

We created Alma do Cacau with a mission: to return to the origins of cocoa and recover the essence of authentic chocolate. Contrary to what many think, cocoa is a real superfood.
Filled not only with an incredible taste, but also with several nutrients and minerals, which make our mind and body happier. We want to make a difference and bring you more than a simple chocolate. We want to create nutritious, delicious, ethical, fair and sustainable food.

Contrary to what many people may think, chocolate can be an amazing food for our health.
What many don't know is that each cocoa bean is an incredible source of important vitamins, minerals and flavonoids when still raw. In fact, raw cocoa contains 6 times more flavonoids than blueberries.
We produce our chocolate with only a light shell, roasted at low temperatures to preserve the precious cocoa nutrients.

Today it is possible to say that we are proud to create a chocolate that nourishes the body, mind and the planet.

To be incredibly delicious, the real
chocolate doesn't need milk. In fact, it only needs 3 ingredients – cocoa beans, coconut sugar and cocoa butter.

Our chocolate is lightly processed to be as close as possible to nature and bring everyone the original and pure taste of cocoa. It's only sweetened with coconut sugar, which is a healthier alternative to the refined sugar used in most chocolates. This amazing nectar from nature has a low glycemic index, is high in fiber and unrefined.

Our process

We do it differently


On roasting, the flavors that began to develop during fermentation are defined. This is done at low temperatures to ensure that we preserve all the nutrients in the cocoa.


In grinding we obtain the cocoa liquor, which in other words is a delicious mass that will give rise to butter, powder and chocolate.


In this step, we make the mass obtained smooth and as fine as a grain of sand. This is because it guarantees a unique flavor and texture to the chocolate so that it melts in the mouth.


Finally, we have the shell. We add the final ingredients of the recipe and wrap the dough until we have a very creamy and delicious chocolate.

Our method

Bean to bar

We are proud to have chocolate that tastes good and is good for the body, the planet and people.


Just 3 simple ingredients: cocoa beans, coconut sugar and cocoa butter.