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Porque é que a agricultura orgânica é tão incrível?

Why is organic farming so amazing?

At Alma do Cacau, we are extremely passionate about ensuring that our products are produced in the most sustainable way possible, so getting organic cocoa is a simple task!

It is no secret that the methods used in organic farming are better than non-organic methods. Not only are they better for your health, but also for the farmers. And of course, for the planet.

When organic farming is practiced, cocoa is cultivated in smaller quantities, for a longer period of time, with greater risk of insect infestation, but the amount of benefits this farming brings far outweighs all the existing adversities.

Having the planet and sustainability as a priority clears the way for more strategic farming methods.

We put more time into the growing process, the farmers put a lot of care and passion into what they do leading to high product quality, no harmful chemicals, and it’s better for the planet.

We opt for a long-term commitment, but it is worth it.

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