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Como o cacau o pode ajudar a relaxar!

How cocoa can help you relax!

Stress awareness leads us to recognize what factors in everyday life make us more anxious as well as leading us to make sure we know how to deal with them, as well as helping others deal with theirs. Sometimes this can be something as simple as having a break, taking a deep breath, and enjoying a small piece of pleasure – the Alma do Cacau.

But how can cocoa help you relax?

1. Magnesium in Cocoa

One reason is the benefits of magnesium in cocoa. Besides being vital for energy, muscles and nerves, this mineral has the ability to help us relax. A lack of this mineral is linked to symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and even hypertension.

2. Neuroactive Substances

Like magnesium, cocoa also contains neuroactive substances that can influence mood, pleasure and relaxation. These substances include small amounts of phenylethylamine – a substance that is produced in our brain and increases levels of well-being.

3. Valuable Nutrients and Antioxidants

The best thing about raw cocoa is that, unlike most treats, you can get valuable nutrients and antioxidants for your health while helping you find your happiness.

As such, you can count on the tastiest chocolates for better relaxation!

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