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Bean to Bar – um conceito que veio para ficar!

Bean to Bar – a concept that’s here to stay!

Have you ever heard of “Bean to Bar” chocolates? Do you know what that means? Let’s talk about it!

As the years go by, the appreciation for less industrialized products, more natural and with a more sustainable production is more notorious. And Bean to Bar is part of this awareness.

This nomenclature serves to differentiate this type of chocolate from chocolate that is made by processing. And what does this mean?

Unlike other chocolates, which are produced from a cocoa paste – in which the beans come already ground and roasted and are later melted and made into other products – this new concept means that the chocolates are made from the bean to the bar.

Although the process of making bean to bar chocolates is more expensive, the awareness of the world in general for the environment, food, and waste has made it a market necessity to have options that do justice to these characteristics.

Furthermore, by using this method, producers are able to follow the entire manufacturing process from the choice and selection of the best grains to the shaping of the bar and subsequent packaging.

At Alma do Cacau, we use this innovative process in order to bring to our consumers the best chocolate there is!

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